About 224TEES

224TEES.COM is a clothing brand that's all about taking back our reality and shining a light on the darkness.

We try out every one of our fantastic counter-propaganda products before selling them - everything we sell is good quality and reasonably priced - our main goal is to help spread the truth that is being hidden everywhere.

For all of our T-shirt designs at 224tees.com, the base is the GIldan 64000 Unisex tshirt. It's a lovely soft t-shirt that works great on men and women - it has a super balance between being fitted and not being a muscle top, and 100% comfortable and not baggy. For more info on this t-shirt base you can check out this video on Youtube to give you a sample of the great & affordable product that we're building our brand upon.

Born in Dublin Ireland during the tyrannical lockdowns of 2020, the idea for 224TEES.COM came from a mix of George Orwell, and a Polish Democratic Freedom movement in the 1980’s that opposed the Communist regime. That regime is very similar to the technocratic, tyrannical cancel-culture cesspool we now face in Ireland and in much of the Western world today.

Here at 244TEES we’re all about truth, Freedom, Christian Values, and shining our light on the darkness sweeping our world. The goal of the artwork for sale on 224tees is simple – to spread the word of truth and righteousness and combat the divisive non-stop lies of politicians and mainstream media, and the corrupt scientists owned by big Pharma who advocate the madness of lockdowns, masks, and zero Covid. Never before has the line between good and evil been so clear. But many of our brothers and sisters are still lost under a powerful spell and need our help.

So how do Orwell and Poland combine to make a clothing label that’s designed to help good triumph over evil and help bring about the great awakening? 

In his novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, George Orwell used the slogan ‘2 plus 2 equals five’ as a demonstration of the absurdity expounded by a totalitarian state. In response, the main protagonist of the novel claims that ‘Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four’. We see this across the western world today, where the nonsense of masks and lockdown have become the 2+2=5 gospel on the altar of the political demons stamping on the face of our humanity. The fake news media cheer them on while attacking people like Delores Cahill & Doctor Reiner Fuellmich (and countless others) for speaking 2+2=4, or the truth.

Orwell also used the idea of 2 + 2 = 5 in an essay in January 1939 when he said, “It is quite possible that we are descending into an age in which two plus two will make five when the Leader says so”.

Ring any bells?

Orwell also aligned 2+2=5 thinking to Nazi anti-intellectualism, and Hermann Göring's hyperbolic praise of Adolf Hitler when he said: "If the Führer wants it, two and two makes five”.

Fast forward to today, where Israel has a dystopian vaccine passport nightmare and forced medication, and the political Nazis throughout the European undemocratic regime have all voted for vaccine passports in March 2021. Our political leaders and the media filth that cheer them on are JUST LIKE the Nazis because they ignore real science and take away our freedoms based on pseudoscience and make-believe.

The Nuremburg code which followed the Nazi war-crimes trials was supposed to stop this ever happening again, and yet here we are today where all of our leaders are voting in favour of violating our bodily integrity and freedom of choice with forced medication and experimental drug cocktails.

The medical experimenting Nazis are back folks – and they own our politicians and our media. Only people power and a community-focused propaganda counter-offensive can stop them. That’s where 224Tees.com hopes to help in some small way – by helping spread ideas that will break the mental stranglehold that the corrupt 'powers that be' hold over so many of our countrymen at this time.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” (JFK, Quoting Edmund Burke).

More info on 224Tees and why we chose the name:

 ‘Two plus two equals five’ was originally a communist slogan in the early days of the USSR’s Five Year collectivisation plans which killed tens of millions and destroyed freedom in Russia for fifty years. The slogan was used to suggest that the goals of the first five-year plan could be achieved a year early if people worked harder.

The slogan 'May Poland be Poland' is a well-known refrain of a song which in the 1980s became a hymn of the opposition and was regarded as an expression of support for the independent trade union Solidarity. One of their main slogans, daubed everywhere at the time in paint and writing, was that “In Poland, 2+2 must always equal 4”.

In September 1980, ‘Solidarity' became the first free trade union in an Eastern Bloc country. It became the leading political force opposing the communist regime in Poland. Eventually the Polish Government was forced to negotiate with the Solidarity-led opposition, resulting in semi-free elections on 4th June 1989. This marked a crucial stage in the democratic transformation of Central and Eastern Europe from under the yoke of tyranny and Communism, a spectre we face once again with the rise of the CCP and their wholesale takeover of the WHO and our politicians. Left and right doesn’t matter anymore, almost all of our politicians been bought in one way or another.

In Ireland in 2020, the wonderful Polish people, with vivid memory of the horrors of communism still fresh in their collective memory, have been a crucial part of the anti-lockdown (anti-tyranny) movement. They have helped wake up the Hibernian Irish sleeping people to the psychological war being waged all around them.

224tees.com is in many ways a tribute to them as much as the Native Irish fighting for their freedoms, and to George Orwell. And the brave freedom fighters of Poland’s anti-communist trade-union movement who began the demise of the communist regime all those years ago. Unless we speak up and act soon, we are all facing the abyss once again - where 2+2 will equal 5, and science and good will be cast aside for the organised criminals in charge to shackle us all.

So, what ‘s who we are at 224TEES.

224 for us is an expression of faith in science, reality, binary reality, the need to fight for freedom, and the need to shine a light on the darkness. We are about supporting right versus wrong, however much our Nazis in new clothing twist everything around us.

As we rise up around the world and fight for our freedoms everywhere, we know how valuable it is when we see another brave soul with no mask on in a supermarket, or someone willing to speak truth to power. So, we hope our stuff will help in some small way to bring about a better world – both inside and outside the heads of our people.

We’re just getting started so there will be plenty more designs to come.

In Ireland, Poland, and everywhere else, we must all make sure that 2+2 equals 4, forever!

Thanks for reading!