lockdowns are crimes against humanity


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2+2≡4 is a state of mind. It is a statement that you believe in reality & science: the triple bar signifies a logical equivalence between the two. It means you believe in the truth and not the lies the media and political establishment have been feeding us since the Covid-scam began.

Lockdowns and mask mandates have no basis in science. Governments & Media have lied about Covid & lockdowns for over a year. They are at war with us and true reality, putting us all into a permanent spin cycle as they try to melt our minds with nonsense and contradiction.

224TEES is an expression of your belief in reality. We stand for facts: Masks have no impact on viral spread because peer-reviewed science proves it. There is no pandemic and there never was, the official statistics prove it. There should always be two bathrooms - one for men, and one for women. Communism, technocracy and socialism are bad. Woke progressivism is a form of brainwashing…we could go on forever listing the wrongs that politicians and media deliberately bombard us with daily to destabilise our mental state and divide & conquer us… but you get the idea! 2+2≡4 stands for: Freedom, Unity, and Right versus Wrong.

Across the West and beyond we must ensure that 2+2 must ALWAYS EQUALS 4. Humanity is saying a firm no to the new fake normal of 2+2=5, in ever increasing numbers! Read our ‘about-us‘ page for more info on how 224TEES started.

The great awakening has begun, and we hope to play a big part in
helping you shining a light on the darkness.

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